Open positions for post-docs

Open positions for post-docs

The Canine Brain Research Lab at the Department of Ethology, Family Dog Project, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, is inviting applications for two 3-year full-time Postdoctoral Researchers. The postdocs will contribute to a research project funded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ National Brain Programme. This project combines ethology, microbiology, and non-invasive brain imaging (EEG, fNIRS, fMRI) to explore olfaction in both dogs and humans. The project is led by Attila Andics, Marta Gacsi, and Eniko Kubinyi.

To be considered for the position, the successful candidate must have completed a PhD in cognitive (neuro)science, psychology, biology, or a related field and have a good publication record. Ideal candidates should also have an additional background in any of the following areas: dog ethology, gut microbiome, experience with non-invasive brain imaging techniques, competence in R, SPSS, Matlab, Python, and advanced analysis methods. The ability to work independently, as well as in a multidisciplinary team, is essential. Furthermore, candidates are expected to possess excellent scientific writing skills.

The successful applicants will become part of a dynamic team. We will make every effort to provide the new postdocs with opportunities to concentrate on the aspects of this ambitious multidisciplinary research programme that align with their skills and interests. However, this will invariably involve managing several experimental projects, which will include coordinating data analysis and manuscript writing, among other responsibilities.

The lab is located within the Department of Ethology at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest, Hungary. ELTE is a world-renowned centre for ethological and brain imaging research in dogs. Our lab is part of a vibrant, dynamic, and international community that specializes in performing experiments with companion animals. We collaborate with two imaging centres that have 3T MRI scanners and offer in-house access to EEG/ERP and a state-of-the-art fNIRS/HD-DOT lab. Additionally, we have touchscreen for animals, motion tracking sensors, and multiple behavioural and training labs available on site.

The positions will be available from April 2023, although the start date is flexible. We will start reviewing applications immediately and will continue to do so on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. The salary will be commensurate with experience and will include health benefits.

To apply, please send your CV, a motivation letter, and the contact information of two references to 

Published: 10/March/2023